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Kitty Pigfish Cartoons

Kitty Pigfish is an Award-Winning Cartoonist - Caricaturist - Portrait Artist - Illustrator
Her Cartoons, Caricatures, Portraits and Illustrations are Exhibited Nationally and Internationally - are Auctioned by Fine Art Auctioneers - and - are Collected by Private Collectors Worldwide.
Here are just a few Examples of her Cartoons - Caricatures - Portraits - Illustrations.
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Toilet Bug - An Important Business Engagement - Cartoon by Kitty Pigfish - PigfishPuppyMuddy Paws The Bulldog - Cartoon by Kitty Pigfish - PigfishAnd One For The Toad - Portrait Caricature Illustration Cartoon by Kitty Pigfish - PigfishThe Noctifer - Cartoon by Kitty Pigfish - PigfishPavarotti Dances - Caricature by Kitty Pigfish - Pigfish

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